Skincare Tips for Asian Beauties !

Skincare Tips for Asian Beauties !

Asian women often look younger than their age, and it is not unusual for European women to think their Asian peers still look like teenagers.

Many researches proved the following: before the age of 45, Asian women have much less wrinkles than European women. They look 10-year younger than Europeans at the same age. But after 45, Asian women will grow old very fast and catch up with the level of aging of European women after the age of 65. Impressive!

So for Asian the urgent mission is to protect the skin, put-off the wrinkles and slow down the speed of skin aging. But how?

First of all, you have to look at the environment around you. If you live in a humid and hot area like Singapore, your may have suffer from impure and oily skin. If you live in the north with dry and cold winters, you more likely have dry skin. Moreover, what you eat and drink every day can affect your skin. For example, some people may react badly to milk and cheese after a certain age and have pimples as an effect. Then, choose the skincare product that fits your skin and its needs better. Especially, Asian women should choose delicate products because, compared to European women, their corneous layer is thinner and more sensitive. So choose the skin care product carefully considering your life style, the place you live in, and your skin situation.

Helenere Maitrise du Temps Hong KongAmong all our lines, you will surely find the products suitable for you and for a perfect skin!

Third, keep a balanced life: drink a lot (and not alcoholic drinks but tepid water or fresh fruit juices) and eat healthily: fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A, C and E. They will help you to better bear the warmth and to fight premature skin aging !

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