Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

So Christmas is just around the corner -finally!- and if you are still in the search for gift-inspiration, here at Helenere we made a little selection of our favorite products! For any budget and for any woman, here are our suggestions:

For Your Eyes Only: this sparkling golden box contains a complementary trio of Helenere eye-care best-selling products:

  • Perfect Eye Lifting Serum  (E905) – 30 ml
  • Ceramide Eyezone Cream (L604) – special 50 ml jar
  • Cellular Eye Mask (L606) – 50 ml

For Your Eyes Only is a powerful three-in-one treatment routine that offers rigorous protection against eye-ageing, with remarkable, immediate results. It is the perfect gift for mums worried about their skin ageing and and comes in a very luxurious golden box, perfect for Christmas! You can purchase it on our e-shop for 150£.

Helenere Maitrise du TempsMaitrise du Temps: this is one of our best selling products of all times and women all over the world love it! Why? Because Maitrise du Temps is an anti-age and anti-oxydant intensive treatment that in a very short time actively fights wrinkles, regenerates the skin elasticity, restores firmness and brightness. This extra-rich formulated serum will completely transform the skin and bring it to a different level of rejuvenation! Maitrise du Temps is the perfect gift for any woman with quite mature skin and comes in a very beautiful blue box with golden details, containing 5 luxurious golden ampoules of 10 ml each. You can purchase it here for 173.25£.

Helenere Special Neck Lifting: unfortunately, we all know that not only our face ages, but also the rest of our body; this is why we developed a special serum to treat the neck-area. The perfect neck lifting reduces the sings of age, gets a unfified and beautiful tone thanks to the firming properties of its plants extracts. This is the perfect gift for grandmas or mature ladies and it comes in a luxurious white and gold packaging.  You can find it here for 99.35£.

Gift-inspirations under 150$:

  • Hydralia Moisturizing Protective Day Cream: hydrating and protective day cream that soothes dry skins and restores the skin´s brightness. The epidermis is better anchored and hydrated, the wrinkles are reduced, the skin is sooth, fresh and bounced, and preserved from premature ageing. UVA / UVB Filters. Buy it here for 59.30£.
  • Gentle Moisturizing Cream: this day-cream for delicate and sensitive skins contains plant oils & plant extracts to soothen skin irritations
and maintain skin hydration. UVA/UVB Filters. Perfect for delicate and sensitive skins and for fighting the effects of the winter cold weather. Buy it here for 60.05£.
  • Nutriva II Rich Night Cream: this regenerating anti-wrinkle night cream speeds up the cell renewal process and increases the natural moist level of the skin while protecting it against premature skin ageing. Buy it here for 74.70£.
  • Hedelweiss 24H Cream: moisturizing cream with normalizing and protective properties. This cream is formulated with a pure and exclusive complex of Edelweiss extracts that ensures the skin a regularized hydration all day long. The skin is supple and smooth, the complexion is enlightened.
With Sun Filters. Perfect for young skins. Buy it here for 78.55£.

All Helenere products come in luxurious packaging and can be found on our e-shop. Don’t forget that if this will be your first purchase on our website, you can use the promotional code PREMIERE to get 20% on your order and all the products you wish!

Happy shopping and happy holidays!


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