For Your Eyes Only: The Perfect Eyezone treatment by Helenere

For Your Eyes Only: The Perfect Eyezone treatment by Helenere

For Your Eyes Only: The best-kept secret in Swiss beauty care

from Helenere Laboratories: because we know that beauty lies within your eyes


Hélénère is proud to announce the launch of its triple treatment box set targeting the delicate eyezone area. For Your Eyes Only comprises a powerful three-in-one treatment routine that offers rigorous protection against ageing, with remarkable, immediate results.

For Your Eyes Only includes a complementary trio of Helenere eye-care best-selling products:

One of the most renowned product ranges from Helenere Laboratories, this complementary trio of eye-care products helps protect the delicate eye area whilst rejuvenating and repairing around the eyes.

Plumper, fuller, firmer…The secret of beautiful eyes is captured within For Your Eyes Only. Your eyes will never have looked brighter… and only you will know why! 

Helenere Laboratories draws on cosmetic science and decades of Swiss medical know-how to offer women the ultimate in youthful eye care:

Integrate this three-step phase into your skincare routine and optimise the results with a restorative eye massage. Each product contains complex healing properties that are inspired by nature yet optimised by science.

Used morning and night, these powerful products work in synergy to swiftly reveal an exceptional, visible difference. You’ll see firmer, brighter skin with reduced puffiness and under-eye shadows

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