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Science & Nature

Located in the Swiss Riviera, home to the highest number of anti-ageing clinics and health and beauty researchers in the world, Hélénère calls upon the exceptional scientific expertise and emulation found right on our doorstep. Accessing new research and collaborating with Swiss and global skincare experts enables our in-house scientists to remain at the forefront of cosmetic research.

Our motto, “Swiss Perfect Performance” reflects our company vision: to offer highly concentrated, high-performance skin care formulas that meet the specific needs of each skin type.

We participate in industry-wide scientific associations to be the first to know about new technologies and remain up-to-date with safety standards. This collaboration is matched with our own R&D expertise. We select high- performance ingredients, patented actives and cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative formulas and luxurious textures.

Swiss Cos Guarantee

Hélénère Laboratories are a proud member of the Swisscos association, the association for the protection of the origin of the Swiss cosmetics.

The target of this association, of which Hélénère Laboratories is a founding and active member, is to bring together Swiss cosmetics producers eager to protect and ensure the authenticity of the Swiss origin of their products.

We strongly believe that the ‘Made in Switzerland’ is indeed a guarantee of high quality and know it reassures our consumers all over the world. That’s why Hélénère Laboratories are a founding and proud member of the Swisscos association to guarantee the Swiss origin of cosmetic products.

Hélénère are genuine Swiss cosmetics and 100% made in Switzerland products, as guaranteed by the Swisscos label on all our packagings.

Products are entirely developed and produced in Switzerland with the care and concern which typifies Swiss products and scientific research.

Brand & History

Hélénère Laboratories was founded in 1987 by Helen Rosato-Rossi, a passionate beauty entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field of cellular cosmetics. We are known for our innovative textures and luxurious packaging. 
Our products are manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standards
. Our results-oriented product lines are developed and manufactured by our research and development teams in Switzerland.

Since 1987, the Company’s vision and values have remained unchanged:
 We are pioneers and always use state-of-the-art Swiss cosmetic technology. We develop the most cutting-edge skin care formulas for professional, measurable results.