Helenere Fans all around the globe are won over by products that work and which reflect our brand signature: ‘Swiss Perfect Performance’. You will find below some of their testimonials.

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“ Maitrise du Temps anti-ageing serum is one of the best facial serums I have tried in quite a while. Improved my skin noticeably, unlike the other serums I use (e.g. Naruko ones, which I use to maintain rather than improve skin condition).”

JacqLibra, Beauty blogger in Hong-Kong


“I used to purchase your products from TVSN in Australia. I love them!”

Tammy W., Australia

“One of my friend gave me this product (Helenere Perfect C) as a sample. It proved very effective on my skin. And I really love it. Can you help me, where can I find this product in Singapore?”

Alicia K, Singapore

“I am an avid fan of your products especially when sold in Australia on TVSN. I would like to know where I can purchase your range in Australia, particularly Melbourne.  I am desperate for some of your skin care for dry skin as winter approaches. I have tried so many other lines but have found yours to be the very best for my skin. I am running out of my stash which I bought from TVSN sometime ago & I am worried !!!! Please help !!!! »

N. Veis, Australia