Professional, measurable results.

This is our mission, and what distinguishes Helenere from other Swiss cosmetics companies. As we always deliver on this promise, our global customer base keeps on growing.

Our brand could not have achieved its exceptional results and worldwide success without advanced, scientifically based Research & Development.

Our motto, “Swiss Perfect Performance” reflects our company vision: to offer highly concentrated, high-performance skin care formulas that meet the specific needs of each skin type.

Located in the Swiss Riviera, home to the highest number of anti-ageing clinics and health and beauty researchers in the world, Helenere calls upon the exceptional scientific expertise and emulation found right on our doorstep.

Accessing new research and collaborating with Swiss and global skincare experts enables our in-house scientists to remain at the forefront of cosmetic research.

We participate in industry-wide scientific associations to be the first to know about new technologies and remain up-to-date with safety standards.

This collaboration is matched with our own R&D expertise. We select high-performance ingredients, patented actives and cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative formulas and luxurious textures.

However, real women remain our most valued source of inspiration. Helenere maintains deep and loyal relationships with beauticians and customers all over the world. It is by staying in touch with market needs and anticipating new trends that we continue to make everyday beautiful.